Touchscreen Face Recognition Snack Vending Machines Are the Future!

Touchscreen snack vending machines may well be the sign of things to come. Well, at least in Japan they are. Right now, there are new vending machines being implemented with cool touch screen capabilities, right on the display glass that shows off all the deliciousness waiting for you on the other side. Not only can you use touch technology to choose a variety of snacks, but they have built in cameras for face recognition, to get an idea of your age and gender, then show off a variety of snacks that may better suit your tastes.

Japan gets all the cool stuff, don’t they? But who knows, maybe we’ll find those changes in American snack vending machines soon. After all, it’s been years since the layout and input of the vending machine has changed. Part of it is because it just does it right. It’s a simple design  that anyone can use, even young kids. But, touchscreens are becoming more and more intuitive, especially for the younger generation.

So who knows? Maybe in 10 or 15 years, touchscreen vending machines will be set up everywhere.  Right next to the touchscreen grocery store and touchscreen pet adoption center! You never know…