U-Select-It Introduces PUSH-IT, a New Tray Delivery System

U-Select-It Inc., a leading full-line vending equipment manufacturer, is pleased to introduce PUSH-IT, a new tray delivery system, which allows operators to increase profitability by vending larger, high margin products while also creating operating efficiencies. With no coils, PUSH-IT allows for greater capacity per selection and is adaptable to a wide variety of premium products, including different types, sizes, weight, and form factors. 

For example, in USI’s Alpine 5000 Elevator cold food and beverage merchandiser, with PUSH-IT five 3.5” by 3.5” square 12 ounce jars fit per selection, while only four jars fit per selection with a standard coil.  Likewise, of smaller 2” diameter round 2-ounce jars, nine jars fit per selection with PUSH-IT, while only eight jars fit per selection with a standard coil.  In addition, PUSH-IT ensures the product is always front facing with the full front label visible, while with coils there is the possibility of the products rotating in the selection when a product is vended from the selection.

Push-It Delivery System is user-friendly and allows for flexible configuration. Since there are no coils, selections are easily and quickly re-configurable without additional parts and it is reversible to accommodate extra-wide products. In addition, PUSH-IT provides a quicker restocking process than coils and eliminates any missed or empty slots occurring during the restock process.  PUSH-IT is strong and durable, able to push up to 15 pounds per selection or 30 pounds with paired devices.

With clear gates replacing obtrusive coils, PUSH-IT provides a more inviting product merchandising experience that consumers crave.  Customers can now see the full products face on with no tilt or label obstruction, allowing them to better view the products and become informed by easily viewing the full front product label.

“The PUSH-IT tray system enables clients to vend a wide variety of packaging. In addition, they can instantly change selection configuration width at no expense and with no additional parts required. The absence of coils dramatically speeds up restocking increasing productivity,” commented Jim Dillingham, President and Owner, Vend-ucation.

To see PUSH-IT in action click HERE.  For more information on the PUSH-IT tray delivery system or any other U-Select-It products, please contact U-Select-It by calling 1-800-247-8709.