Vending Machine Blog Reveals Strange Obsession

USelectitWe can admit it–We’re a bit obsessed with vending machines here at the USelectIt blog. The vending world is our business, and we take great delight in showcasing everything from the industry’s latest machine innovations to any interesting legal news regarding snack vending machines. However, our dedication to automated dispensing does not hold a candle to a Japanese blog we recently discovered, titled “I take a picture of the vending machine everyday (or so). I’m very sorry.” Seriously.

The title all but sums up this rather unique blog, as the user quite literally posts a picture a day of the same Coca-Cola vending machine. And while the soda vending machine featured on the blog does not physically change, each of the blogger’s 2,000+ photos have some slight variation due to changing advertisements on the machine as well as different times of day. Because the writer has kept at it so long, you can even notice subtle changes to the paint job of the machine!

While it is a rather unorthodox hobby, we fully support this bloggers’ constant display of passion towards the vending machine business. We would certainly love to see our own vending machines for sale pop up in someone elses blog post one day, so feel free to share your findings!