Vending Machines For Portion Control

My stomach is full of regret. It is like this every time I go out and get a big high calorie lunch. We all deserve a treat every now and again but the amount of trouble I just shoved into my insides in the name of “treating myself” is horrible and frankly I just want to nap off my lunch now. It doesn’t have to be this way. With snack vending machines the size of the treat I would give myself would be stifled. Instead, I marched into a fast food chain with a scary deal on chicken melts and large double decker burgers coated in cheese sauce. I ate three of these dumb things. I could have just had a bag of chips.

Walking over to a vending machine I am never going to find myself filling my arms with all the candy and chips in the machine. I will get one item, eat it and probably feel fine about it. The second I find myself in a fast food restaurant or a big box store with cheap snacks I sort of lose self control. I try and get  bang for my buck but what I really end up with is a feeling of “Why? Why did I do this to myself?”