Who Wants Gum from a Snack Vending Machine?

snack vending machinesIt’s not as often, but there are occasions I have wandered up to snack vending machines and have seen gum or mints inside. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “But what if someone wants minty fresh breath?” I’m a firm believe that people should always carry a pack in their pocket! Actually, at my old job, gum in the snack vending machines would have been perfect. Everyone always asked me if I had a piece of gum on me, despite the fact that we weren’t allowed to chew gum on the sales floor.

However, when I think vending machines, I think of delectable treats. I think chocolaty candy bars or crunchy bags of Doritos. A mint will not satisfy my craving for food! Maybe it’ll come in handy after I’ve scarfed down a few bags of Funyuns. No one will want to talk to you after you eat that snack! But I digress…I’d rather have those 2 rows filled with a tasty treat. Just think of all the possibilities that could be in those 2 rows. There could be a packet of Goldfish or Twix or a Take5. I’d actually rather have a packet of Mentos because at least those are like a weird hybrid candy-mint concoction. I’ll pick up my gum from the pharmacy, not the vending machine, thank you!