A Vending Solution for Every Break Room

Vending Machines for SaleIs your office missing a vending machine? New offices in the process of furnishing their employee break rooms are often missing large pieces such as vending machines. USelectIt has just what you need! With a wide variety of quality vending machines for sale, we can find the machine that will be perfect for any break room.

For a small break room, the Alpine Combi 3000 is an ideal solution. It is able to vend refrigerated and frozen food and is small enough to fit through a 32-inch doorway. This high-capacity machine packs a punch for its small size.

For a break room that serves a lot of employees, you will need a machine that has everything they would want and enough of it to stay stocked for many purchases. The Alpine 5000 Elevator is our latest food and beverage vending machine and will be the perfect fit with its cutting-edge technology.

For on-the-go employees, our new Mercato 7000 snack vending machine is perfect! This machine stores up to 723 items that can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. New features such as a new rigid cabinet door construction and rigid delivery box help accommodate more variety and larger selections.