ADA and Vending Machines

buy vending machinesUpdated mandates to the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act change the way owners of beverage and snack vending machines do business. According to the 2010 updated ADA law, both the forward reach range and the side reach range must fall within the 15-inch low reach minimum and a 48-inch high reach maximum. Likewise, the buttons, switches, handles, bucket and door must be located within a 15-inch minimum range. The machines must also be operational with one hand.

Vending machine owners will not be fined if their machines are non-ADA compliant. However, they must follow the law to keep a snack and soda vending machine in certain facilities like public hospitals, colleges and school and private facilities that serve the public, such as restaurants, theaters, hotels, convention centers, retail stores and recreational facilities.

Current machines can be grandfathered into compliance. Vending machine owners must replace outdated machines with ones that are ADA compliant if the building undergoes changes or when replacing or altering current machines. When inspecting vending machines for sale, vending owners can benefit from considering the new Alpine ST5000. It is one of several available models that ensures vending machine owners meet all ADA requirements while serving the public and remaining profitable.