Alpine ST5000 Vending Machine

Have you checked out our latest vending machines for sale? The Alpine ST5000 Elevator unit is a single-temperature vending machine that has the capacity of vending a variety of food, snack and drinks.

A few of the great features include:

  • Point of Sale: New Backlit point of sale window for messages and advertising graphics
  • iCart Touch Screen Interface Option: Perfect for communicating nutritional information, promotional information and more!
  • Motor Pairing: This new feature gives you the ability to vend a wider variety of food selections from the same machine.
  • Elevator Delivery: Control the descent of food or beverage selections and ensure that delicate items are vended intact.
  • Operator Friendly Features: Short term storage area and front access refrigeration to make your job easier.

Check out the video below to see the Alpine ST5000 from USelectIt in action!