Americana And Snack Vending Machines

On the road there are a lot of places to snack. You stop by Bob Evan’s, McDonalds’, Taco Bell, somehow you always end up at Friendly’s or worse Denny’s. But when these huge meals are too much there is another great resource of sodas and energy drinks, bags of chips or candy bars. They are the snack vending machines that dot the highways of America and on the upcoming 4th of July weekend they are something to be patriotic about. If you are looking for Funyuns or some Andy Capp Hot Fries while you plunge down the roads of America towards a vacation destination or towards a place of business snack vending machines become an oasis.

Truckers have respected the lore of snack vending machines and those who fill them forever. They get to know which soda vending machines carry their soda of choice. (For me it has always been grape.) They understand the importance of snacking, as integral to staying awake during long trips as coffee or the radio blasting ZZ Top. For them vending machines are not some distraction, they are a source of life blood on their way to their bread and butter.

This year as you pack the family up for vacation, take some time and appreciate snack vending machines. They’re reliable and quintessential Americana.