Amusing Snack and Beverage Vending Machines

One thing I love to do is to is find out the cool things that other countries offer their citizens. For some reason I like researching unusual snack vending machines. A few really sparked my interest and now a hobby of mine is to keep looking for these. You may be amazed to see exactly what other countries offer.

One example is the French Fry vending machines in Australia. These amazing machines vend golden, fresh tasting fries. All you need to do is tap the touch screen and select your potato-goodness.

In Italy you get pizza vending machines. A far cry from the typical old fashioned soda machines you see here. These things create a piping hot pie in about 3 minutes. You can even view the process through a little window. Select from margherita, prosciutto, cured ham, and veggies.

And then there’s Japan. They have beer and liquor vending machines to the delight of all citizens and tourists. These things feature the nation’s favorite picks and then some. That’s definitely something to drink about.

But, even while on the hunt for amusing vending machines I found plenty of cool domestic options. has vending machines for sale that feature coffee or cigarettes. Who says we can’t get our own share of the fun?