Bigger, and Better, Snack Machines

Snack MachineThe saying “go big or go home” has now made its way into the vending world. USelectIt‘s newest snack vending machine offers a capacity that will make standard vending machines want to pack their bags and head home.

The Mercato 7000 features seven full featured flex shelves that provide unmatched capacity. While bigger may not always be better, in this case, it is. Having this much capacity gives vending machine operators, such as yourself, more merchandising potential. All of this merchandising potential means that you can stock staple and favorite items for each location as well as experiment with new products at the same time. Offering a wide selection and variety of snacks will also keep patrons coming back for more and keep them from becoming bored with your product selection.

In addition to unparalleled snack volume and merchandising flexibility, these machines also feature a new rigid delivery box that accommodates taller products and includes a removable bottom for easy cleaning. An option available with these machines is LED lighting that will enhance the display of your snack products and really showcase all of the variety you have to offer your customers.