Can People Be Shamed into Eating Healthy?

What does it take to get people to make healthy food choices? Hackers and programmers in the UK think they’ve found the answer with a customized vending machine. Participants in a closed social media account receive a tweet every time a group member purchases a snack or beverage from the modified machine. The goal is to shame snack and soda vending machine consumers who choose candy, chips or sodas.

Customized Vending Machine that Tweets your Purchase
(source: Medical Daily)

Unfortunately, the concept didn’t go over well. Initial amusement turned into annoyance, and the tweeting vending machine is no longer used. As an alternative, new and veteran vending business owners can look for snack vending machines that distribute healthy options like salad, vegetable sticks, fruit, nuts and flavored water. Most people would agree that they prefer supporting a vending machine manufacturer that provides healthy selections instead of relying on shame to modify food choices.