Cupcake Withdrawal

Even though the vending machines for sale on our website can vend a huge variety of tasty snacks and beverages, USelectIt has not yet entered the cupcake vending machine game.

Luckily for all of you cupcake enthusiasts out there, one of the world’s premier cupcake makers has! Sprinkles, the world’s first cupcake bakery founded in Beverly Hills in 2005 by Candace Nelson, now has a dozen Sprinkles Cupcake ATMs around the US. There is even talk of expanding these cupcake machines into locations in England. The highest concentration of these machines can be found in California, where the company is based, but there are locations throughout the states.

The first day that their first Cupcake ATM was a very busy one, with over 1,000 cupcakes reportedly sold. So many delicious pastries were sold in fact that the machine crashed because of high demand.

Make sure to check out this video to see the machine in action!