Designer Handbags, In A Vending Machine?

To continue our theme from last week of interesting luxury vending machines, we moved on from specialty cupcakes to designer handbags. This dream vending machine was posted to the Instagram account of Interview magazine and is stocked full of handbags from top designers including Dior, Hermes and Alexander McQueen.

When you are looking for vending machines for sale, designer handbag machines are not currently on the market, but it might not be that far off. There are enough specialized vending machines in the world that there are very few thing that would come as a surprise to see behind glass in a vending machine.

USelectIt has seen a growing popularity in specialty vending machines, especially for high-end consumer products and luxury goods. These machines are usually used as marketing tools and are not usually expected to turn a large profit. For the novelty and feeling of dropping hundreds of dollars for a vending machine product though, these machines always draw attention.

Out of all of the crazy vending machines out there, this one definitely has some potential. It is not too hard to imagine seeing it in a department store or shopping center wrapped in sleek graphics.