Hey Now Brown Cow – Check Out These Vending Machine Farmers!

It seems like when there is a peak in a new-found product, everyone else tries to pick it up and customize it in their own little — odd way. Vending machines have actually been around since Roman times, and have since then BOOMED into this giant industry full of people offering everything from snack vending machines, drink vending machines, and soda vending machine options to health foods, health drinks, and raw eggs. Raw eggs?!? What! That’s right, a farm in Germany is now offering fresh produce and products to the Germans.

These vending machines look just like the ones they have in the good old US, but they contain some really odd items such as raw eggs, butter, cheese and potatoes. The weird thing is that the item comes out individually – this is not like an omelette vending machine (which would be cool). Also, they are putting these on hiking trails. My question is this; how in the world are you supposed to get a frying pan, build a fire, get out your eggs, butter and potatoes ALL on a hiking trail! Does anyone else find this to be painfully odd? It seems like it could BE a good idea, if they simply worked out some of the kinks first, like trying to make everything cooked rather than raw.

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I’m eating a raw egg with some butter spread on it, no thanks! Now if you can rethink and reinvent this silly little vending machine idea from the vending machine manufacture ‘Stuewer’, then more power to you! Check out some of our most recent vending machines for sale and come up with a fantastic (and hopefully not raw) idea to really WOW the pants off of the people in the US.