High-Tech Snack Vending Machines

snack vending machinesAs technology increases on our favorite electronics, gadgets, and gizmos, so does the technology on our snack vending machines. Normally we don’t equate high-tech and vending machines, but even vending machines can be improved upon. One company has designed a system to make vending machines more efficient. A small device is installed on the top of the machine which alerts vendors (via text message) of how much product and money is in the machine.

This makes running your vending machine much more efficient because you will know exactly when it’s time to go back and refill your candy bars or when the sandwiches in slot A7 have gone bad. The device even alerted the company when the machine was opened after hours. The police were sent to the scene and found two people trying to steal money out of the machine. The average cost per machine for the device is $150 a year, but think of all the money you’ll save on gas when you’re not wasting trips to check up on your snack vending machines.

Vending machines are no longer the simple piece of equipment they once were. Maybe one day soon we won’t have to worry about our snacks getting stuck or our dimes getting getting rejected.