iCart Touch Screen Interface with inDEX Web Based Management System Available on Evoke Snack Series

A sale always begin by grabbing the customer’s attention. Closing the sale usually includes communicating information compelling enough to for the customer to act. The iCart & inDEX system from U-Select-It makes it simple and efficient for customers to spend money at your machine. Our system attracts customers and provides important information to help them make the decision to buy from your machines.

The engaging and interactive 10.1” touchscreen on the USI Evoke Snack Series machines are terrific for advertising and getting customers’ attention. The touch screens display video ads and and product information in a way that is simple for customers to view and access. Increase sales with promotions, combo specials and limited time offers with up to three advertising screens.

Two purchasing modes in the iCart system includes single selection mode for fast vending and a shopping cart mode that allows customers to add up three items in their cart before purchasing them in one transaction. Plus, be in compliance with the FDA’s calorie disclosure rule by communicating product nutritional and calorie information before the sale with the product browsing feature or direct selection mode.

InDEX makes setting up your planogram more efficient. Vendors can develop their own comprehensive library of products with access to a global database of products.  InDEX lets you planogram your machine remotely. Each machine can have its own unique product list by selection. You can update promotions, calorie information and pricing. This includes the Combo Feature where you can create up to five different combinations to promote sales of multiple items at once.

The iCart system is featured on Evoke Snack 5 and Evoke Snack 6 machines as well as other USI models in a 7” touchscreen version. Call your USI representatives for more information on availability and how our new touchscreens can increase your machine profitability.