Japan Gets Ready for 2020 Olympics by Creating Interactive Vending Machines for Tourists


Almost everyone has enjoyed the convenience and wide selection provided by vending machines. But research has shown that tourists are sometimes hesitant to buy drinks they are unfamiliar with when visiting a foreign country. In preparation for the 2020 Olympics, a leading beverage manufacturer working with a Japanese consulting firm will introduce an interactive vending machine in Tokyo. This vending machine distributor is hoping to make choosing and purchasing drinks and snacks easier for those who will soon be visiting Japan.

A New Vending Machine for Tourists

When traveling to a foreign country, visitors can easily get frustrated if they don’t understand the native language. Tourists who visit Japan for the 2020 Olympics will be able to more easily enjoy delicious drinks and snacks even if they can’t speak Japanese. In preparation for thousands of tourists that will be visiting in the next few years, the Japanese are setting up a trial interactive vending machine that will be in Asakusa, close to Kaminarimon. This is an area that has been popular with foreign tourists and will be a good site to test out the new machine. This machine is currently designed for English speaking customers.

How These Incredible Machines Work

These new vending machines make it easy for everyone to access the beverage of their choice with an amazing new voice recognition technology. This technology will provide users with specific information about whatever they wish to order from the machine. It will inform potential buyers of a selection’s calories, carbonation, and even sugar content. The vending machine will even be able to make recommendations for consumers based on the current season and popularity of particular drinks in Japan. To use this new technology all a customer will need to do is to speak into a tablet located on the side of the machine. Customers can choose various selections and engage in a real-time conversation with the vending machine.

The Potential of Interactive Vending Machines

Interactive vending machines have potential far beyond the 2020 Olympics in Japan. A snack vending machine or soda vending machine with the capabilities to interact with consumers would provide many opportunities for vending machine operators and owners. USelectit.com provides several types of vending machines that could be used for everything from schools and businesses to parks and special events. Placing a machine in a high traffic area that provides snacks, drinks, frozen treats, and even a variety of other products can provide a consistent stream of profits. Contact USelectit for more information regarding a variety of vending machine choices. They are a full service manufacturer that helps vending machine operators and owners every step of the way.