Kosher Vending Machines For Sale – Are You Meshuga?

Sorry, just a little fun to add into this crazy little idea I found when looking for ideas for vending machines. As a company that has vending machines for sale we are ALL about these machines and sometimes like to find some of the oddest, funniest, and wackiest ideas people come up with. One of the newest ones is a REAL Kosher vending machine. None of this regular stuff you get from these every day snack vending machines, drink vending machines and soda vending machine options, but REAL hot kosher food such as pizza, onion rings, hot dogs, and baguette sandwiches.

Sound a little too fast food-y for you? How about Olives, sweat peppers, grilled cheese and bruschetta, sliced falafel, melted cheese and pizza sauce or ricotta, grilled zucchini and pine nuts. Now that’s right up my alley! Gourmet food that actually tastes and looks good, plus these machines will have something for everyone, its cost efficient – and most importantly its kosher! It actually seems like a great idea considering there are well over 6,452,030 Jewish people living in the US alone.

I think more and more vending machine owners should consider placing other ethnic foods in these vending machines as well such as Spanish food, Japanese, Indian and how about Caribbean? I would eat that! As would many other people! Check out our vending machines for sale now and start your own ethnic food vending machine!