Life Lessons: Don’t Cheat the Vending Machines

It’s bad enough getting caught doing something illegal, but it’s even worse when you get caught in a particularly compromising position, like, say with both your arms crammed into a drink and snack vending machine, like Homer here:

Worse still, since you’re probably not a cartoon, calling for help will be much more difficult than it was for Homer, and chances are if you do manage to dial and get a hold of someone, they’re not going to pull a Marge and believe you. “If both your arms are stuck in vending machines, how’d you dial my number?” they’ll ask suspiciously. “How’d you even get your phone out of your pocket?”

Avoid these embarrassing questions by simply borrowing some change the next time you find yourself in dire need of some invisible soda — especially if you have already beefier-than-average arms.