Magic Arm, Magic Rip Off

The so called “Magic Arm” machine one might find in vestibules outside of dinners or at various boardwalk spaces are to put it lightly kind of a rip off. The only thing magic about that arm is that it seems to reach deep in your pockets and remove cash while it remains inside it’s glass case. Sure the novelty of trying to get a prize is all well and good but why all that hassle? Why the whole “game”?

Especially when you can just go into a vending machine manufacturer and have anything you want stocked into your machine. People can drop two dollars for a guaranteed prize like baseball cards or a stuffed animal and not waste their time getting mad at a machine they want to punch a hole in. I have a hard time believing most of those “Magic Arm” machines don’t end up getting punched at some point. That can’t be good for the machine.

So if you own that dinner why not got to Uselect It where they have vending machines for sale, then go to a prize wholesaler and put together a really fun vending machine that everyone can enjoy without feeling like they’re getting robbed  by that arm.