New Push-It Delivery System

U-Select-It is excited to introduce the new Push-It Delivery System. Push-It allows you to increase profitability by vending larger and higher margin products. The trays make it easy to change selections and load products. Push-It modules move along a helix rod the allowing the pusher to move forward to vend items by pushing them through the open gate and off the tray.  Pushers also easily slide backward along the helix to restock. You can replace up to four standard snack trays in FLEX controlled USI equipment.

The Push-It trays are unique because there are no coils. This means that the tray has space for greater capacity and you don’t have to worry about a coil slot left empty during restocking. Push-It trays are adaptable to vend a wide variety of premium products, including different types, sizes, weight and form factors.

Flexible configuration allows you to change selections without additional parts. You’ll have no hassles changing coils, because there are none! Product is displayed better too with the Push-It tray too. Push-It presents product straight on with no tilt or label obstruction. A clear, see-through gate keeps products in place on the tray until they are vended.

Our new trays are strong too, each pusher unit moves up to 15lbs. Dual units can move up to 30lbs. Individual pushers extend and can be paired to accommodate wider products. Each tray comes standard with four left hand and one right hand Push Modules.

Give us a call or contact your U-Select-It associate for more information.