New Vending Industry Report Shows Growth

USelectItA recent “State of the Industry Report” in Automatic Merchandiser magazine reveals that the vending machine industry is enjoying a prosperous period of growth. With new technologies such as cloud computing and target marketing being implemented into machines, vending services everywhere are seeing a bigger customer base than ever.

“Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the transformation of the consumer experience at the machine to deliver the convenient and interactive encounter younger consumers expect,” said Dan Mathews, Executive VP of the North American Merchandising Association, in a recent press release. The PR credits much of the industry’s growth to newer automatic retailing centers, which are able to dispense products such as electronics, clothing, and hot food in a more convenient fashion than ever. It also notes that even more advanced technology is on the way from vending machine manufacturers, such as fingerprint and facial recognition in order to prevent credit card theft.

“New machines, products, and technology are emerging every day, and the future of vending and refreshment services is very bright,” added Mathews.

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