New Vending Machines For Sale From U-Select-It

This week on our blog, we’re going to discuss one of the new snack vending machines for sale through U-Select-It: The NEW Alpine Combi 3000.

What’s the biggest problem with getting a new snack or soda vending machine (and we literally mean, BIGGEST problem)? Why, getting the vending machine through your front door and into the ideal location, of course. That’s why our slogan with the NEW Alpine Combi 3000 is “We don’t just fir through doors; We help you open them.” The NEW Alpine Combi 3000 is only 29 ½ inches wide, it’s nearly impossible to find a door this snack vending machine won’t fit through.

But that’s not the only incredible feature from the NEW Alpine Combi 3000. These snack vending machines are actually part of a bnew generation of snack venders. With both a “Cold Zone” (that keeps food fresh by maintaining a temperature of 36-degrees Fahrenheit.) and a “Frozen Zone” (that keeps ice cream and frozen foods properly by maintaining a temperature of negative-15-degrees Fahrenheit), the NEW Alpine Combi 3000 is actually two machines in one.

So whata re you waiting for? CLICK HERE to read more of the amazing features in the newest item available from U-Select-It, so check out the graphic to the right.