North Carolina Mom Brings Healthy Vending Options to Town

Snack Vending MachinesEven though areas all over the country are adopting legislation towards healthier vending options, a Charlotte, North Carolina mother decided to take a more direct approach to calorie-conscious snacking.

According to DigTriad, Patti Moore began to grow concerned once she noticed that her daughter was developing a food allergy. After doing some research, she realized that her family was taking in an excess amount of fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. Taking things into her own hands, Moore became a vendor for a healthy vending company and has helped put eight healthy snack vending machines in her town.

“We had this sort of revelation that wow, we really need to look closer in to the things we’re eating and we can do better for our family and then it was sort of a greater purpose, you know, we can do better in Charlotte,” Moore told DigTriad.

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