Oral Hygiene and the Office Vending Machine

snack vending machinesThe wonderful part about owning your own vending machine is that you have complete control over what you decide to stock it with. The best snack vending machines offer a diverse mixture of options. You will never be able to please everyone, but providing a range of products is sure to keep most people’s hunger at bay.

Two items that more vending machines in offices should stock, though, are gum and breath mints. Employees  are looking for something to eat because they don’t have the luxury of going back home for a meal. That also means not-so-great breath is sure to rear its head. Not all of us think to carry those disposable toothbrushes with us, nor do we always want to spend the money on such items. But a pack of minty gum or mints can last the week for less than a dollar.

When you’re at work interacting with other people, and potential clients, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is his breath. Leaving a few spaces open for breath fresheners will be a welcomed choice in snack vending machines. We can’t imagine anyone complaining about good oral hygiene options! It will, quite literally, be a breath of fresh air.