Pepsi’s Food for Good Initiative – Pilot Vending Machine


Thanks to a collaboration between PepsiCo’s Food for Good and vending machine distributor, U-Select-It (USI), fighting to end child hunger just got a bit more feasible. With the help of Food for Good, this new initiative will be placing USI’s vending machines in Texas to provide balanced meals to children in low income families who might not be getting all the meals they should be eating.

It may seem odd, but vending machines stock more than snacks or energy drink, with USI teaming up with Food for Good the result will be life changing for struggling families. Working hand in hand with the Texas Hunger Initiative, Share our Strength, and Valley Nature Center, USI’s and Food for Good’s program can help a hungry child receive free breakfast and lunch. The vending machine will dispense a healthy meal via a code that can be inputted into these machines. If a family is a part of any public school district and qualifies for the free breakfast and lunch programs then they also qualify to take part in the Food for Good initiative.

With every Food for Good machine having the capability to feed up to 144 children a day, this amazing program has the ability to change lives for the better. U-Select-It’s vending machines are class-leading machines backed by over 30 years experience in the industry.