Protecting Your Vending Machine

A vending machine is a great way to make extra money at your place of business and provide safe, instant refreshments to your employees, customers, students, and visitors. Are you hesitant about taking risks? We are here to simplify the process!

At U-Select-It,  we have a wide range of vending machines available for purchase, which all feature innovative technology. Our machines include delivery lockers, beverage vending machines, snack, frozen food, and even combination vending machines. You can select the ones you feel will do well at your location. Our machines also feature some unique safety mechanisms.

UVend Technology

UVend Technology is a patent-pending UVC light sanitization technology that makes the high-touch surface of vending machines safer by quickly killing or inactivating some of the most common viruses and bacteria. This includes influenza and even the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, it has been independently tested by a third-party testing lab. For user safety, UVend Technology features an automated motion sensor and visible blue light to ensure no presence is detected in front of the machine.

Health Safety Feature

Our frozen and refrigerated food vending machines are fitted with temperature sensors. In the event that the temperature in the food vending compartment increases above the Health Safety limit for over 15 minutes, the machine will simply not vend that food, as the food is considered spoiled and not sold to consumers.

Evoke Combo Machines

USI offers Evoke combo machines that maximize your brand space and revenue. They have better ergonomic user interface, delivery assistance and payment systems at ADA levels. Evoke series provides maximum durability to withstand elements and uses latest vending technology. Evoke series comprises of:

U-Select-It has combo vending machines for a variety of locations. For example, locations that have a smaller footprint would benefit from the Evoke ST3 or the Evoke VT3, whereas larger locations may benefit from the Evoke ST5 or the Evoke VT5. Additionally, the Evoke Outdoor is available and includes additional safety packages to ensure your merchandiser is protected.

One of our most unique combo vending machines is the Evoke Elevator. Aside from a large product selection and capacity, it features a soft elevator delivery, which allows operators to vend fragile items including sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit cups.

Heated Glass

U-Select-It machines are equipped with an automated controller that heats the glass to eliminate condensation and fogging in places where humidity levels are high. The controller is compliant with requirements of the U.S Department of Energy and helps save energy, as it only activates when the humidity levels touch a predetermined number. Then, it shuts off when the humidity comes back down to desired levels.

Protection from Vandals and the Elements

Outdoor High-Security Package

Many of our machines have rain guards, impact resistant window covers of Lexan, and anti-pry covers that can provide excellent protection to your vending machine. Different models have different safety features – our team will be happy to guide you in this respect.

Place Security Cameras Around Your Machine

Yes, security cameras are not cheap, but they are a major deterrent! After all, while they may think it’s fun to trash a vending machine and steal from it, nobody wants to be identified and get caught. By seeing a security camera , most thieves will just leave your machine alone

Place the Machine in a Visible Area

While this is the best strategy to generate maximum sales, it also increases the security of your vending machine. If it is placed in areas of high foot traffic where people are always around, vandals are less likely to try and damage your machine and break into it, as they could get caught at any time.


It may so happen that in spite of all the measures you take, your vending machine may still get broken into or trashed. To protect yourself against this possibility, it would be wise to ensure your vending machine. After all, it’s a revenue source for you, and you should be compensated in the event of a loss. This way, even if miscreants do get to your machine, you can be protected.

Find out more about our offered safety features by clicking here.

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