Red Bull to Roll Out 3 New Flavors

Drink Vending MachineFrom convenience stores and drink vending machines to worldwide events, Red Bull beverages can be found just about anywhere. Fortunately for fans of the popular drink, Red Bill will be soon be debuting three all-new flavors, which will mark the first time the brand veered from the classic taste of its 15-year-old soft drink.

According to Vending Times, the new “Red Bull Editions” line of beverages will include the following tastes: Cranberry, lime, and blueberry. These new Red Bull drinks will be served in red, silver, and blue cans, respectively, serving as a significant change to the iconic design of classic Red Bull cans. Like their predecessors, these new 8.4 oz cans will contain about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. For the calorie-concious, Red Bull will distribute these drinks in sugar-free and total zero variations.

We are unsure how Red Bull fans are going to react to these spins on their favorite drink, but do not be surprised to see them popping up in drink and snack vending machines everywhere. If you are a vending machine owner yourself, the Red Bull Editions offer a great opportunity to provide something fresh and exciting for your patrons. No matter which flavor your customer chooses, these new varieties of the age-old energy drink are sure to make a buzz.