Satellite Solutions

Soda Vending MachineIf you have perused around before, you will have noticed that we have a few machines that have similar names to our standard line of vending machines but include the word “Satellite.” While it would be a pretty impressive feat for our vending machines to orbit the Earth, this appendage to our vending machine names means something a little different.

Satellite machines are compact vending products that can be added to existing vending machines with this feature. The satellite machine works with a host vending machine or a controller machine sold through our website.

There are a lot of great benefits to these satellite machines, starting with the ability to vend new products by only finding a little extra space. While we offer combo vending machines that vend both food and snacks, adding a la carte options through satellite vending machines may fit your business or client’s needs better.

A popular solution is to add a satellite machine like our Summit 300 Satellite drink vending machine which dispenses a variety of beverages and holds up to 144 bottles or 312 cans. It takes up less space than adding a separate drink vending machine at only 21 inches wide and just under 35 inches deep.