Schools Keep Students Motivated With Vending Machines

Long sleepless nights. Paper after paper, project after project, one exam after another. The life of a college student is an endless Myth of Sisyphus. Sometimes the only thing that keeps you motivated is knowing that you can look forward to that next bottle of soda. That sugary sweet goodness that fuels you through just another hour and a half long lecture.

It’s important to give students options on campus. Having drink vending machines and snack vending machines will provide them with plenty variety. A coffee or sports drink vending machine is slightly healthier than just a typical soda vending machine but students should have a right to choose. Not everything will satisfy that craving, especially when you’re overworked and cranky and you just want to return to bed but you can’t because you have about 150 more pages of that great American novel to read.

It’s amazing how such a simple solution can keep students from burning out. It’s at least a temporary fix that makes them happy for the time being so they’re more receptive to class. And snack vending machines are great for students on the run. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in between classes to wait on the long line at the cafeteria to eat a meal when a quick sandwich or bag of cookies will suffice.

Provide your university with these amazing machines and see the student body smile.