Slake Your Thirst

You’re sitting at your cubicle, working on some reports. It’s hot outside. It’s summertime. Work is dragging along and it’s still too long to start looking forward to the end of the day. You need a pick me up, an ice cold soda, and maybe a chocolate bar. That would really hit the spot.

So you go to the snack vending machines next to the bathrooms, insert a dollar in a soda vending machine, and you are rewarded with a  fresh cold Coke. You crack the top and hear that sound that means that imminent thirst quenching is seconds away, you tilt your head backwards and take a sip. It is ice cold and you swallow the sweet beverage. It gives you mild brain freeze it’s so cold and delicious. You take another sip.

Back in the cubicle things are good. You can really appreciate this divine nectar, and are benefitting from the effects of its caffeine.

If this sounds like an ideal work situation, you may want to think about drink vending machines and snack vending machines. These puppies help workers to focus, after taking momentary breaks, by providing them with the energy and thirst slaking beverages requisite for a hot day.