Soda Vending Machine Tips: Seize the Summer!

Now that the weather’s getting warmer, the demand for cold beverages — especially soda — is on the rise. That’s why offers high-capacity Summit drink vending machines capable of storing over 300 cans or 700 bottles!

How? Summit vending machines for sale feature variable depth stacking — a storage method designed to save space. And more space for soda bottles and cans in your machines means less time spent restocking.

Plus, many Summit vending machines incorporate high-tech software that can alert you when a machine is running low on supplies, so you’ll never miss a potential sale.

If you’re looking to really maximize your summer soda profits, there are several other factors to consider. Take a look at these helpful tips:

  • Choose drink vending machines with illuminated displays. These will help catch potential soda-buyers’ attention, even from far away.
  • Make sure your vending machines work! Invest in machines with delivery sensors to guarantee that your customers walk away satisfied.
  • Place each soda vending machine outside. Hot, sticky weather makes soda much more appealing than chilly office air conditioning.