Soda Vending Machines Get Healthier?

Recently the beverage industry under recent pressure from health advocacy groups has gone on the defensive about their apparently sugar filled products that some would like to suggest are making Americans fat. In response they have made concessions, smaller sizes, more natural products like juices and waters, healthier sodas designed to deliver the same flavor and kick but with much less sugar.

A recent series of subway ads by the American Beverage Association a redesign on their websites are touting these recent changes in their business practices as a reason to head back to the soda vending machine or back to the soft drink isle of your grocery store. Looking over the ads and seeing folks from Pepsi and Coke in the same place is almost enough to make even the staunchest anti-soft drink activist feel a bit world peace-y about the whole thing.

Soda vending machines are still all over the place and the reasons are simple, while some folks abuse the sweet drinks (not to mention fast food and junk food in a general sense) some people can enjoy them responsibly never gaining the weight others do. The soft drink industry is making the right moves and now it is important for people to make healthier choices as well.