Some Of The Weirdest Ideas For Vending Machines For Sale!

When you think about it, all innovative and “new” products are probably considered weird or odd when they first come to mind. You might think it’s awesome and someone else can’t help, but snigger at you. Do you really think everyone took Doctor Martin Cooper seriously when he stated talking about cell phones? I think not. There were probably some people that thought he was plain crazy. But as with the cell phone, some ideas that seem odd at first can end up being HUGE.

Nowadays just about everyone has a cell phone – old or young, poor or rich. We CRAVE technology! In the same way that we crave technology, we also crave convenience – in this case, vending machines. A vending machine can quite literally have ANY product in it that you want. It doesn’t JUST have to be food or JUST drink. You can try out different options and see what works for you. Common uses: snack vending machines, drink vending machines and soda vending machine.

Innovative uses: Veggie packs with carrots and celery, books, eggs (weird), iPod accessories and gift certificates, pizza, fishing bait, fishing hooks, bikes, cell phone chargers, flowers, undergarments! You get the idea. Pick and choose. See some statistics on what is popular or trendy in your location – do people buy a lot of music? Do they carry cell phones? Are they more prone to buy a hot dog out of a vending machine (quick) or at an actual hot dog store? Do your research! Check out our vending machines for sale on our site!