Take Your Vending Service to the Next Level with the Alpine ST5000

USelectitIf you take a simple look at the world around you, every piece of technology you own is quickly evolving. You might have the best smartphone on the block…until a new one hits shelves weeks later. And while vending machines seem like a consistent pillar of design when everything else is rapidly changing, they too are benefiting greatly from the constant progression of technology. If you need further proof, take a look at the Alpine ST5000, one of our most advanced vending machines for sale.

A true evolution of the vending machine in every sense, the Alpine ST5000 combines state-of-the-art technology with unprecedented convenience. Its large capacity allows for the distribution of sandwiches, salads, and juices, giving customers a healthier and more satisfying solution than the average snack vending machine. The machine’s elevator mechanic safely dispenses delicate products, while the high capacity drink tray ensures you will have plenty of your most popular beverage stocked. The Alping ST5000 meets the 2012 ADA guidelines, making it one of the most accessible, intuitive vending machines for the disabled. Machine owners have plenty of new features to delight over, such as the customizable touchscreen interface and convenient front-access refrigeration.

Not only is the Alpine ST5000 one of the most high-tech drink and snack vending machines in the industry, it also allows you to sell your customers the diverse, healthy options they deserve. Check out more features of the Alpine ST5000 on our website and learn how to make your clientele happier than ever!