The Perfect Summer Companion – Alpine Combi 3000

Frozen Ice Cream Vending Machines - Uselectit

Few foods are as closely associated with summertime as frozen treats. From ice cream sandwiches to fudge bars to novelty frozen items – even frozen candy bars – something cold and refreshing always seems to hit the spot when the temperatures begin to soar.

Why July was named National Ice Cream Month:

Historically, retail ice creams sales soar during the summer months – more than a quarter million gallons were sold last summer – and so do sales of frozen and refrigerated vending products. After all, we’re not always near our freezers when the urge for a cool treat strikes! To help vending machine owners make the most of the summer season, we designed the Alpine Combi 3000 to offer both refrigerated cold foods and frozen treats and snacks.

With its small footprint and unique high-capacity design, the Alpine Combi 3000 is the ideal machine for any space or location. Dispensing refrigerated items from the top section and frozen items from the bottom, the Alpine can hold up to 540 items.

The Alpine is designed to offer the greatest flexibility, allowing you to switch from a combination to design to a one that offers either refrigerated or frozen foods. An energy-smart LED lighting system slashes energy costs by 73% compared to machines using old-fashioned fluorescent lighting, and its low-profile design means it can fit through a 32” doorway with no problems. Plus, efficient insulation of food areas means there’s no need to waste energy cooling down the entire cabinet.

The Alpine Combi 3000 also offers these profit-building features:

Backlit keypad featuring Braille identification
Range of payment options including cash, coin and debit and credit systems
Price setting options
DEX data output support
Full-featured controller

At USelectIt, we’ve been producing vending machines using the most advanced technology for more than 80 years. We also offer full technical support, servicing and even financing options to help your vending business grow to new heights. To learn more about the Alpine Combi 3000, visit our website or call us at 1-800-247-8709.