Top 4 Items for Drink Vending Machines

drink vending machines
Drink vending machines can distribute a variety of different beverages, from soda and juice to water and coffee. Let’s take a look at our favorite items to put in drink vending machines.

4. Coffee

If you’re in an office, a coffee machine is a must. Modern coffee machines are particularly impressive, as these state-of-the-art devices can feature 30+ drink combinations, including decaf. options and specialty items like cappuccino.

3. Water

Our bodies are already over 60% water — why not add a little more? These vending machines offer chilled water (including flavored options) poured into paper cups or users’ own glasses and mugs to cut down on waste. The water is filtered to remove the odor and taste of tap water.

2. Juice

Available in a variety of flavors, juice is a great afternoon pick-me-up for employees and students alike. The best juices are made with natural ingredients with low concentrations of sugar, so choose wisely!

1. Soda

What would vending machines be without soda? Drink vending machines for sale have more soda options than ever — including a variety of diet drinks that are free of sugar and calories.