U-Select-It Financing options

A vending machine is a great way to earn a little income on the side when you install it in your place of business. It also offers convenience to students, teachers, and visitors at educational institutions. Hospitals also have vending machines that offer quick refreshments to medical and other staff, patients, visitors, and so on. In fact, vending machines today are installed in all kinds of facilities, including community centers, health clubs, and more. Have you also wanted to install one in your place of business, but hesitated because of lack of funds? In that case, we have some good news for you.

U-Select-It has a wide range of vending machines to offer  . All the vending machines feature glass storefronts and attractive LED lighting that highlight the products beautifully. These will start earning for you from the very first day.

Limited Time Offer

At U-Select-It, we have our very own in-house finance company, through which we can offer you attractive financing plans. Whether you want to buy just one machine or a few dozen, we’re sure we can work out the most appropriate plan for your business needs and budget. You can get up to 100% financing, meaning, you don’t have to pay any money upfront. Doesn’t that sound great? We have flexible plans, and we can customize them according to your needs. Our team will be happy to sit with you and chalk out a tailormade plan, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We offer financing up to a maximum tenure of 5 years. Here are the current financing plans available, with approved credit:

  • Choose a 3-year contract, with 4.5% APR
  • Choose a 4-year contract, with 5.5% APR
  • Choose a 5-year contract, with 6.5% APR

Financing Options that Fit you!*

Longer contracts mean lower monthly payments, but overall, you will pay more in terms of interest. For some customers, that may suit them better, if they are not able to pay a large amount every month. Those who can pay bigger monthly instalments can choose shorter contracts and enjoy the benefit of lower interests.

Simple Process

Our financing process is very easy, straightforward, and transparent. All you have to do is fill out  this form and submit it. In most cases, the application is processed and approved the very same day. If the total amount of your purchases exceeds $25,000, WFS requires that you submit the tax returns for the previous year, or the profit and loss statement of the current year, completed up to the date of the application.

Are you all set to buy a vending machine, and apply for financing? If you need more details, please call us at 1-800-247-8709.