Unusual Snack Vending Machines Around The World

Vending machines are now a staple of our society. We can’t go to schools, hospitals, offices, or venues without seeing some kind of soda or snack vending machine to appease our insatiable hunger and thirst pangs. Sometimes they fill other needs. At the airport I saw an electronics vending machine that held headphones, mobile WiFi boosters, and other travel-related products.If you take a look around you will surely find cool vending machines.

Japan is one country that really thinks outside of the box. They have vending machines for common everyday items such as sneakers, batteries, (remember this after you buy those electronics from the airport vendor), umbrellas, etc. They also have an eclectic taste in food vending. You can find eggs, vegetables, and live lobsters (yes, actual live lobsters that you can catch using a crane game).

Vending machines open up more opportunities for sales than we think. By offering people a quick option you are actually increasing the popularity of the brand. The products are highly visible and present pretty much everywhere.  It builds partnerships between the owners of the vending machine, the makers, and the brands that fill them. It could be anything from soda vending machines to sneakers to brand new smart cars. Whatever you may need there’s probably a vendor that fills that need somewhere in the world.