USelectIt Is Eco-Friendly

drink vending machinesMany of us are trying to do our part to help the environment so that future generations will actually have a planet to live on. We’d rather not see the scenario from the movie Wall-E play itself out. Of course, not every company has hopped on the green wagon, but we here at USelectIt are proud to say we are on board. And we hope that other companies become a bit more choosy with whom they do business.

Many of our vending machines for sale are available in Energy Star models, which are not only good for the planet, but will also save you money on your energy bills. How does an energy-saving programmable shutdown mode sound? It sounds good to your wallet I’m sure. LED lighting enhances product presentation and the bulbs do not need to be frequently serviced. The LED lighting in the Alpine 5000 can last up to 5 years! Even our refrigeration systems are Eco-friendly, keeping drinks and food cool without being power hungry.

Energy efficiency helps buyers, consumers, and the Earth. And who wouldn’t want to help all three? With so many benefits, it’s mind boggling that anyone chooses not to go the green route. Learn more about our Eco-friendly vending machines for sale at our website.