Vending Around the World


In America, the most commonly seen vending machines are either drink vending machines or snack vending machinesHowever, vending machines in various locations around the world feature items that go well beyond simple snack food and drinks. Read below for some the most interesting vending machines around the world:

Breach machine, Normandy, France:
This machine stores freshly baked bread, making it available at anytime during the day. After all what could be better than freshly baked bread?

Live crabs, China:
In China, there is now a vending machine that makes fresh live crabs available for patrons at every moment of the day.

Burritos, Los Angeles, California:Underwear machine, Japan:
In Japan, patrons can now acquire underwear from a vending machine. It is for sure an oddity that only Japan could pull off.

This vending machine featuring burritos is refereed to as the Burritobox. Now, anytime an individual is craving Mexican, they can easily access a ready-made burrito. In addition, the machine provides breakfast items such as eggs and cheese along with bacon.

Mashed potato, Singapore:
Now available for 80 cents a serving is mashed potatoes via a vending machine in Singapore. The potatoes are instant mashed potatoes prepared for each patron on demand.

Champagne machine, London:
This unique Moet & Chandon champagne machine in London gives patrons the ability to acquire champagne. The bottles are even crystal-studded, creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

We hope you enjoyed our list of interesting vending machines from around the world. Some excellent snack, drink, coffee and cigarette vending options that vendors can take advantage of are listed on the USelectIt website.