Vending Machine Snacks As Meal Replacement?

It’s like a moth to the flame. When you see a vending machine, you want something. Even when the selection isn’t great, you get a craving. But some vending machines will hold good items while others not so much. If you plan to put a vending machine in your store, university, or facility then you should keep in mind what products make good snack vending machines.

Many Americans look to vending machines like they do to fast foods– they need quick nutrition. This is why you should provide them with a fair selection. They should be given choices as to whether they want candy and chips, or something more substantial like juice and sandwiches.

Vending machines make billions of dollars each year. About 15% of Americans will not get a long enough lunch break. This results in them turning to the snack and drink vending machines for their daily nutrition.

Sandwiches, yogurt, and small prepared dishes will provide a longer-lasting boost rather than a candy quick fix that leads to a sugar coma later on. Having some actual lunch-worthy meals will get more people motivated to push through the long day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few candy bars and chips in a machine for those who want it. Just remember you are supposed to be providing your employees or visitors with some kind of nutrition.