Vending Machines Are A Must For the Office

A few months ago, I noticed that pretty much every member of my staff was taking frequent breaks throughout the course of the day. There wasn’t a single time during the day that every single person was at their desk working. Productivity is of utmost importance in my office, so this concerned me quite a bit. I asked why everyone was leaving periodically through out the day and I found out that it was because they were going on snack runs. It all made sense! Snacking is important to do throughout the work day. Snacking helps fuel the body to prepare for physical and mental activity, and when you’re working a job that requires serious brain power like the accountants in my firm, you need some fuel.

I got a great idea to order some snack vending machines and drink vending machines. I took an office poll on what everyone would like to see in the machines, and then a few weeks later found some vending machines on sale. Everyone was pleased with the new vending machines and even happier when they realized how much gas money they were saving by not making frequent snack runs throughout the day. It was a win-win!