Vending Machines for Sale: Exploring Your Options

vending machines for sale

If you’re looking for vending machines for sale, chances are you’re at least a little overwhelmed by your options. Read on for the four basic categories of vending machines, all of which are available on

Coffee Drink Vending Machines

Java much? These caffeine-instilled devices are ideal for offices, or anywhere where a pick-me-up could help pick things up. Best of all, modern coffee drink vending machines also offer certain coffee shop standards, including espresso, café latte, cappuccino, and hot chocolate.

Snack Vending Machines

U-Select-It offers high-capacity snack vending machines able to store hundreds of items at once. These machines can feature adjustable trays for snacks of all kinds, as well as optional trays for mint and gum.

Food Vending Machines

Frozen or chilled? With modern vending machines, you never have to choose, as most feature moveable partitions so that you can stock frozen and refrigerated items in a single device.

Cold Drink Vending Machines

Stocking everything from soda to fruit juice to flavored water, cold drink vending machines can adapt to cans and bottles of all sizes. Plus, some water vending machines even dispense flavored or unflavored water directly into cups.