Vending Machines for the Gym

The gym is the primary place for people to exercise, train, and socialize. It is also a place where people get really thirsty. Fortunately, here at USelectIt we have a great selection of drink vending machines to keep your fitness clients hydrated and happy.

If you run a large facility and are looking to offer the biggest selection possible, the Summit 700 is for you. The machine is our largest drink dispenser, with 12 high-volume slots available for all of the waters, energy drinks, and sports drinks you need to keep your customers going. If you are looking for a more basic vending machine for a smaller gym, the Summit 300 offers the same reliable quality with a simpler, six-drink selection. Both machines boast an illuminated product display, so your customers will know exactly what they want the second they pass your machine after a workout.

While no one should be eating potato chips and candy bars at a fitness center, there are still uses for snack vending machines in the gym. The Mercato 7000 is the largest snack machine in the industry, leaving you ample room to stock energy bars, veggie bags, and other healthy munchies. Much like the Summit, there are plenty of smaller models of the Mercato for different sized facilities.

Thanks to our selection of snack and drink vending machines, your customers will be hydrated and refreshed when they need it most.