Why Smart Lockers Will be the Future of Meal Order Pick-Up?



Online food ordering services have soared in popularity and seen an increase in demand due to the pandemic. Customers are looking for fast and efficient ways to order and receive their food. With this increase in demand for convenience and easy access to food, locker solutions are becoming increasingly essential. 

 How do Smart Lockers Work?

At their core, smart lockers are simply lockers that are connected to the internet. For simplicity’s sake, think of them as virtual “boxes” that can be accessed online. Each locker is assigned a unique code that can be integrated into an accompanying app, allowing users to place their orders and collect items from the locker itself. While the concept may seem straightforward, the technology behind smart lockers makes them versatile.

 Our Order Ahead Meal Delivery Lockers can be installed in many locations. Regardless of their placement, they all function using the same basic process designed to give customers a fast, simple and easy ordering experience. A customer will place an order using the 365 Retail Markets’ Order Ahead app, which allows customers to order at their convenience and also schedule when they want to pick up their food.  The food order is then sent to the selected restaurant or cafe. Once the food is ready it will be placed in a locker’s insulated compartment. The customer will then scan their phone or use the keypad to access their food order. Order Ahead Meal Delivery Lockers can minimize time and labor costs for dining operations, reduce bottlenecks and order mix ups, while increasing dining efficiencies.  

Who Can Benefit from a Smart Locker?

Smart lockers prove to be advantageous to nearly every user involved in ordering food. Stakeholders who can benefit from a smart locker include: 

  • Customers – Whether ordering for themselves, their families, or their employees, customers can enjoy the benefits of a quick and easy process. 
  • Business owners – Employers can benefit from a faster and more efficient process that can help reduce costs. Smart lockers will keep your employees productive and on-site by providing safe and contactless meal delivery options.
  • Restaurant staff members – Similarly, staff members can also take advantage of the process, with their daily workload eased by technology.
  • Vendor Operators – Smart lockers are a terrific way to diversify offerings and grow income.

 Features That Make Smart Lockers Stand Out:

In addition to offering quicker delivery times, more convenient pick-up options, and reduced costs, smart lockers will also enable customers to benefit in many other ways. 

  • Lockers hold food securely: A smart locker requires a code to open. This will be sent to customers via a notification or text message, so they can walk up, enter the code, and collect their order. Customers can manage their orders at their convenience.
  • Lockers for multiple locations: You may want to install multiple lockers to accommodate your current and future customers. It can be particularly beneficial for places such as office buildings, airports and train stations, where there is often high demand for food and drink. 
  • Remote Access: With smart lockers, customers can order food from their mobile devices, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and then collect their items from the locker whenever it is most convenient.

 Why Are Smart Lockers Becoming Increasingly Popular?

From speeding up the delivery process to reducing food waste and improving the overall customer experience, lockers provide several benefits. With technological advancements, smart lockers will only become more beneficial in the future. We could see a future where food is ordered through a computer or a smartphone, collected from a locker, and then enjoyed at home. 

Learn more about U-Select-It’s Meal Delivery Lockers by watching this video or viewing the brochure here.

Reasons why smart lockers will be the future of meal order pick up

  1. Convenient – With a smart locker, customers can walk up to the locker, enter the code, and collect their items. This is far more convenient than placing an order through an app or online and having a delivery person bring it home.  
  2. Saves time – Ordering through an app or online and having a delivery person bring the order can be time-consuming. With a smart locker, you can order, collect, and eat your food in no time!
  3. Minimize cost– Although you may need to invest in smart lockers first, they can help reduce costs in the long run.  They can be beneficial for businesses that rely on food and beverage sales as a significant source of revenue.
  4. Versatile – You can order, collect, and eat your food all at your convenience while your food remains fresh and chilled throughout the process. This is particularly beneficial for people who work long hours, as they can order their meals at their convenience.

 The Future of Meal Order Pick-Up

We believe smart lockers will be an important part of food order pick-up in the future. From the options it offers to order, collect, and eat food on the go, to their ability to be monitored,  smart lockers are a brilliant innovation! They can be used in various commercial spaces, making it easier for people to access food where they are working.

Whether you are an individual who regularly orders food or a business owner looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs, you can benefit from Order Ahead Meal Delivery Lockers.