Automatic Ticket Vending Machine in Coimbatore Junction in India to Replace Long Lines For Ticket Purchasing


Vending machines are no longer just a way to get a quick bite to eat on your break at work or in between classes at school. Thanks to the rapid pace at which technology continues to advance, they’re actually turning into valuable solutions for society’s modern woes that people just can’t live without. Case in point: in Coimbatore Junction, India, three vending machines were launched at a specific city junction that have made the lives of thousands of rail passengers easier than ever before.

Coimbatore, India

Just a few short years ago, it used to literally take hours to purchase tickets for a train in Coimbatore, India. People had to build time for this nightmare experience into their days and had to anticipate standing in long lines for uncomfortable amounts of time just so that they could eventually get onto a train to get to and from work or school. Flash forward to today, however, and three new automatic ticket vending machines have been installed in Coimbatore Junction. Users can now swipe a smart card in front of the vending machine and purchase whatever ticket they’d like in just a fraction of the time it used to take.

The vending machines were installed as part of “Operation 5 Minutes,” a project that the railway administrator said was designed to eliminate these long lines as much as possible. Cards can even be recharged via the vending machines, making them an invaluable solution at all parts of the purchasing process.


When the public at large begins to rely so heavily on automatic ticket vending machines, maintenance becomes a pressing concern. If even one of the three machines in Coimbatore Junction were to go down, for example, it would usher in a return to the long lines that the area saw for ticket purchases just a few short months ago. This is to say nothing of the issues that could be seen if a medical vending machine dispensing important healthcare supplies were to suddenly run into troubles that were left unchecked.

Vending machine solutions like the ones that were installed in Coimbatore Junction in India bring with them a host of different benefits that can’t be ignored. When the public at large begins to rely so heavily on these machines, however, proper maintenance becomes more and more important. If even one of these machines goes down for unscheduled maintenance for any appreciable length of time, hundreds of thousands of people will be negatively affected. This makes keeping up with all maintenance routines of paramount importance moving forward.