Drink Vending Machines and Recycling

soda vending machinesDrink vending machines quench our thirst, whether we are on the go, at the mall, or stuck in the office. When we are not at home, it is easy to forgo environmentally friendly habits. Most people would rather not carry empty drink bottles with them all day until they find the nearest recycling center. Until cities and towns become more eco-friendly and place recycling bins next to normal garbage bins, we all have to make an effort.

It is easy at the office. Think about how many employees use the soda vending machines on a daily basis–can after can or bottle after bottle. Most will throw it right in the trash. Many businesses do not have any means of recycling, or even just green practices. Changing over to energy efficient machines takes time and money, but purchasing a separate garbage bin for recycling costs less than $10. Consider taking the bottles and cans yourself to recycling centers and put the money towards other green solutions for the office. It is an easy way to earn a bit more money for your business and to encourage employees to practice green methods as well.

USelectIt is happy to provide you with drinks, but we will be even happier if you properly recycle them!