A Worldwide Network of Distributors

From the United States to New Zealand, from Brazil to the United Kingdom, U-Select-It has a wide array of distributors. Our extensive distribution network allows us to reach every corner of the world in order to provide our customers with the vending equipment they need to grow their business and

Refocusing Vending Choices Before the Start of School

School’s officially out for summer, which means you might see a decline in business for any snack vending machines you might have on campus. And while things might be slow right now, this is a perfect time to experiment and refocus your snack selection for the 2012-2013 school year. Here

Bringing in Big Business with Your Vending Machine

Here at the official USelectIt blog, we spend a great deal of time showcasing the most exciting happenings in the vending machine business while also keeping you informed on our very own snack vending machines. And while our products are certainly affordable and state-of-the-art, you still might be wondering: “Why

Drink Vending Machines and Recycling

Drink vending machines quench our thirst, whether we are on the go, at the mall, or stuck in the office. When we are not at home, it is easy to forgo environmentally friendly habits. Most people would rather not carry empty drink bottles with them all day until they find

A Vending Machine for Your Thoughts?

Those who have eaten their fill from one of Uselectit’s snack vending machines may still desire to use one of these wonderful machines for something different. Those eager to find something to read on their evening commute home from work should consider taking a trip to Fullerton, CA. The Fullerton

Keep Snack Vending Machines Clean

Keeping vending machines stocked is something that those who own and operate snack vending machines pride themselves on. For many the business model is that you find vending machines for sale through a company like Uselectit and from there you basically own and operate your own business offering people and establishments a

Soda Vending Machines Get Healthier?

Recently the beverage industry under recent pressure from health advocacy groups has gone on the defensive about their apparently sugar filled products that some would like to suggest are making Americans fat. In response they have made concessions, smaller sizes, more natural products like juices and waters, healthier sodas designed

Vending Machines For Medical Supplies

Sure, you’re familiar with the snack and soda vending machines you see in the waiting areas of venues and buildings. You get your snacks quick and you can return to whatever it is that you were doing. But did you know that there are specialty dispensing machines for other products?

Unusual Snack Vending Machines Around The World

Vending machines are now a staple of our society. We can’t go to schools, hospitals, offices, or venues without seeing some kind of soda or snack vending machine to appease our insatiable hunger and thirst pangs. Sometimes they fill other needs. At the airport I saw an electronics vending machine

Snack Vending Machines and Childhood Memories?

It may seem like a bizarre thing to say but snack vending machines play a role in my favorite childhood memories and continued to throughout my so-called growing pains. When I was a kid my parents were members of a local bowling league with their best friends. I was so

Soda Machines Are the New Water Coolers

I’ve worked in many offices in my time and never saw people gather around a water cooler like they do in TV and movies.  I don’t see why; it’s only water.  However, as recently as last year I’ve seen a handful of people congregate around soda vending machines.  Most of

A Meat Vending Machine?!

I’m all for new and inventive vending machines, but I don’t think I can agree with a meat vending machine. This new machine is currently found in Alabama and goes by the name “The Smart Butcher.” As the name implies, you’re getting a fresh cut of meat and not just

Where Did The Soda Vending Machines Go?

Soda vending machines used to be all over the place. What exactly happened? Each time I attempt to find soda or snack vending machines my options seem to have been whittled away over the years. It used to be that a vending machine made its way to most store fronts

Wine Vending Machines Coming To An End In PA

For the last year folks in Pennsylvania have had a strange option when it came to buying their wine. In that last year they could get bottles of wine in snack vending machines, well not “snack” vending machines but snack-style vending machines. The experiment appears to be coming to an

The Healthy Snack Vending Machine

Many school systems across the country are taking steps to remove unhealthy foods from their snack vending machines in the hopes of improving overall health of students.  It is a small but helpful way of improving adolescent wellbeing and may lead to better food habits later in life.  Offices are

Soda Vending Machines: The Coffee Maker’s Best Friend

Some mornings I just need a fully cranked up caffeine explosion. I know it is not the healthiest choice but if I’ve got a few dozen articles to write then you know I’m not only hitting up our office coffee maker for the dark “angry” coffee she dispenses, I am

Americana And Snack Vending Machines

On the road there are a lot of places to snack. You stop by Bob Evan’s, McDonalds’, Taco Bell, somehow you always end up at Friendly’s or worse Denny’s. But when these huge meals are too much there is another great resource of sodas and energy drinks, bags of chips

Early Vending Machines

Previously, if I’d been asked to take a guess as to when the earliest versions of vending machines were, I probably would have guessed sometime in the early part of last century. I imagine some sort of glass bottle Coca-cola drink vending machine made out of aluminum and the size

Vending Machines For Sale Of Wine Now Available In Pennsylvannia

Just read this story from ABC Local in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia: “A tiny revolution took place at 11:00 a.m. Saturday in Drexel Hill. For the first time ever in Southeastern Pennsylvania, a customer purchased wine from a vending machine at a supermarket. The wine kiosk that opened this morning, right next

OK Soda Was Just…. OK

Was it good? Eh. Was it bad? Eh. It was just…OK. Perhaps that’s why this former inhabitant of drink vending machines never made it: OK Soda Pop. I mean, I’m not one to judge-a-book-by-its-cover, but how did you expect this to work when the soda’s NAME is literally just OK?